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What is Meetzon?

Meetzon is a digital platform where venue owners meet people looking for places for their events.

Mutlu Misafir


Discover the spirit of the city at Meetzon.


The new attraction center of the Anatolian side.


The district that literally connects the two sides of Istanbul.


One of the liveliest districts of Istanbul in the field of culture and entertainment.


It is the only district on the historical peninsula of Istanbul that has been the center of Istanbul since ancient times.


The richest district of Istanbul in terms of natural flora.


Candidate district to become a business and financial center of Turkey’s economy.


Famous district with its groves and recreation places in Istanbul.


The favorite district of people for the weekend with its 60% of the forest area.

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What is Meetzon?

Meetzon is a digital platform where venue owners meet people looking for places for their events.


Why should I Meetzon?

  • 1

    Variety of Unique Places

    You can easily find the right place to meet your requirements and event goals by filtering through a variety of venue options.

  • 2

    Approved By Meetzon

    You can access places through the "Meetzon Venue Compatibility" filter with options that meet predetermined quality standards.

  • 3

    Customized Services

    You can increase the quality of the service, and maximize your satisfaction by creating packages according to your preferences from the additional services offered by the place of your choice.

  • 4

    Online Support

    Meetzon's expert team provides you online support 7 days a week, between 09.00 and 21.00.

  • 5

    Affordable Prices

    You can rent the one that suits your budget -at the right price without intermediaries- among different venue options.

  • 6

    Direct Payment To Venue

    You can pick event venues at Meetzon and pay directly to the venue through remittance / EFT.

  • 7

    Payment In Installments

    You can make payments with the option of installments to the credit cards through Meetzon's Secure Payment System.

  • 8

    Secure Payment

    Through Meetzon's Secure Payment System, you can proceed with online payment options that suit best to your budget, under full assurance of your commercial data.

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